Mod Information



The Focus of UEAW is to bring the eras, or periods of time, to the game that were not in the original release of Empire at War. The Mod will include new heroes, units, buildings, technologies, planets and weapons.

Players will have a chance to take control of the dark side or light side in a galactic campaign in each era, as well as the ability to train the sith as the dark side, or Jedis as the light side.

The Ultimate Empire at War campaign will also be available, which is a Galactic Campaign that spans every era of time in the mod, covering all material, units and heroes in the mod.. More about the Ultimate Empire at War Galactic Campaign below.


The Eras:

The Old Republic (25,000 BBY - 1,000 BBY)

The two major forces in the galaxy during this time were the Republic and the Sith. Players choosing the Dark Side will follow the sith throughout the Old Republic Era, while users choosing the Light Side will control the Old Republic.

Rise of the Empire (1,000 BBY - 0 BBY)

The Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems were the two major forces that UEAW is covering. Depending on which side of the force you are on , you will control the Galactic Republic or the CIS.

Rebellion (0 BBY - 4 ABY)

The Rebellion Era, although already covered in the game, will also be included in UEAW. The Rebellion and Imperials will be the two major powers during this time that player will take control of.

New Republic Era (5 ABY - 25 ABY)

During this period of time after the Rebellion, the New Republic takes over from the Rebellion, while the Imperial Remnants is the faction that opposes them.


The Ultimate Empire at War Campaign

The Ultimate Empire at War Galactic Campaign is a massive camapign that spans all eras of time covered in the mod. Players will choose a side (Dark Side, Light Side) and will follow the respective paths of the Dark and Light Sides of the force throughout time.

Each era will bring new weapons, technologies, heroes, units and planets, allowing the player to create bigger and more advanced armies and control more powerful heroes. Lead either the Dark Side or the Light Side of the force to the ultimate victory in the galaxy and the annihilation of the opposing side.